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Many actions can be taken to #ImpeachTrump

October 18, 2019

Many actions can be taken to #ImpeachTrump. They include the following:


Write a letter to your local paper and tell them: #ImpeachTrumpNow!

Call/e-mail/tweet/snail mail all house judiciary cmte. members (link below) to remind them that Judiciary Cmte. must schedule final vote on #Impeachment articles no later than Nov. 1, 2019.:

Call/e-mail/tweet/snail mail all house judiciary cmte. members (link below) to remind them that #Impeachment inquiry must not be limited to recent Ukraine revelations, or earlier Mueller report, but must rather include broad range of Trump’s abuses of office:

Join the org leading the fight to #ImpeachTrump: 

Contact your congress rep at at (202) 224-3121 or e-mail/tweet ’em & tell ’em to cosponsor & pass the #HRes257 #ImpeachTrumpNow resolution to maximize public support for impeaching trump & also to maximize chances for his conviction by the Senate following his impeachment.    

Contact all house judiciary cmte. members & house intel cmte. majority members (links below) to demand due process in #impeachment inquiry to maximize public support for impeachment & chances for senate conviction of trump:

Join By The People Calls flyer

September 24, 2019

Click on the ” 9.24.19-1″ link below to open a flyer inviting the public to join the By The People Calls

People vs trump 9.23.19 flyer link

September 16, 2019

Click on the (underlined) link below to open the “People vs trump 9.23.19” flyer:

#Impeachment, not voting, will stop trump

July 22, 2019

“This assumption that we can just wait to stop Trump is naive at best and assumes the 2020 election will be clean. Also, every time Trump gets away with another impeachable offense he becomes more emboldened and reckless. ”

“[trump] has demonstrated willful disregard for basic principles & for our Constitution & ought to be held accountable via [impeachment]…To suggest that we are going to have a free & fair election under..Trump is I think a very dangerous assumption.”
Those “who prefer to substitute the 2020 election for an impeachment fight don’t appear to have considered the implications if Mr. Trump were to win: Would that not condone his constitutional abuses and encourage his authoritarian instincts?”
“Waiting for an election instead of impeaching Trump is a privilege when you’re not the target of his racist policies and far-right agenda.”
“If we wait until 2020 to remove Trump from office, he will continue to undermine the Constitution and our rights. The longer we wait, the more people will be harmed, and the harder it will be to remove the Trump administration — because he is attacking the foundations of our democracy that allow us to hold leaders in check.
Our inaction at this point in history would set a dangerous precedent for future administrations who may also seek to abuse the power of office for personal gain.
And worse still, failure to impeach — failure to even try — would normalize and excuse Trump’s inhumane, racist, misogynistic, and unconstitutional behavior. This, too, is an extremely dangerous precedent to set within a nation that claims to pride itself on egalitarian values and legitimate democratic processes.
We don’t need any more evidence; we need more courage and unity. We must remember and act on the fact that we do not now, nor did we ever, need the Mueller Report to move forward on impeachment. The scope of Mueller’s investigation was limited to collusion between Russian actors and the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election.
Trump’s impeachable offenses, committed on a near-daily basis, stretch far beyond what may or may not be contained within the Mueller Report. Examples of such include: trampling on our First Amendment right to a free press and freedom of religion, violating campaign finance laws, and threatening our national security through allowing nepotistic security clearances and bringing us to the brink of nuclear war with North Korea.”

Pelosi can’t really block #Impeachment

July 16, 2019

“IMPORTANT: @RepJerryNadler does not formally need @SpeakerPelosi’s approval or a full House floor vote in order to start an impeachment inquiry. The House Judiciary Committee can start it on its own. @FSFP 1/”


Tell Pelosi to Stop “Blocking” #Impeachment!


“…for Pelosi to say that we’re not going to focus on #impeachment, in the midst of this constitutional crisis, is a real abdication of her responsibility…House must carry out their responsibility, issue charges and send to the Senate.”


“If Nancy Pelosi is putting forward a standard that would never have been put forward in 1973, 1974, President Nixon never would have faced the impeachment proceeding. That’s not the standard for impeachment. The standard is: Are there abuses of power, abuse of the public trust? The House must carry out their responsibility, issue those charges and send those to the Senate.”

#Impeachment will severely weaken trump *&* diminish his support

July 16, 2019

“And what if the Senate does not convict Trump? The fifth benefit of #impeachment is that, even when it fails to remove a president, it severely damages his political prospects. ”


“If impeached, Trump [loses] the luxury of venting his resentments before friendly crowds, stirring their anger. His audience,…would [dwindle to] a few dozen senators in [DC].

Facebook’s Libra

July 9, 2019
“And that’s really their intention. And that’s why I call it sort of the war of all against all. This is like the final battle for global domination here. And, you know, how that shakes out is sort of indeterminate at this point, but what we know is that if you’re creating this—we already have these companies that are monopolies in their own sort of personal spaces—if they combine sort of together a lot of different options for you as an individual, then you have just this absolute dominant behemoth. And, you know, there are serious concerns around giving that much power to one company [Facebook].”
“’Facebook has violated the privacy of its users and has been involved in a number of scandals that remain unresolved because the Federal Trade Commission continues to fail to curtail its behavior,” said Open Markets Senior Fellow Matt Stoller. ‘Facebook absolutely can’t be trusted to manage international currency transactions and banking.’”
“Libra proposes the failed business model used by money market funds prior to the financial crisis. It wants you to buy Libra on the promise that the coin will maintain stable value, but there will be no regulatory oversight of what Libra actually does with your money and no capital and liquidity requirements that you would typically find with a bank. That structure proved disastrous during the 2008 crisis, when the Reserve Fund, a money market fund that heavily invested in Lehman Bros debt, ‘broke the buck’ and prompted widespread runs on other money market funds…Running a banking/payments system while also running a non-financial technology platform enables anti-competitive behavior.”
“We don’t let the Mafia print its own money, so why Facebook?…’ Finally, a cryptocurrency with the ethics of Uber, the censorship resistance of PayPal, and the centralization of Visa, all tied together under the proven privacy of Facebook. Just what I’ve been waiting for…Any company big enough to start its own currency [Libra] is just too big. ‘”


“Facebook is barreling ahead as if Libra was just another private enterprise. But like many other financial intermediaries before it, the company is promising something that it cannot possibly deliver on its own: the protection of the currency’s value. Libra, we are told, will be pegged to a basket of currencies (fiat money issued by governments), and convertible on demand and at any cost. But this guarantee rests on an illusion, because neither Facebook nor any other private party involved will have access to unlimited stores of the pegged currencies.”


“It’s bad enough that Facebook FB, +0.49% says it won’t be paying a nickel of interest on any money that customers keep in the company’s new Libra digital accounts.

But why would I want to lend my money to Zuckerberg and his pals free of charge to help them take over the world? Spare me all the talk about helping the “unbanked” and the world’s poor.
“The case for how Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency ‘could take down the entire global economy.'”
“Facebook has portrayed the Libra Association as a collective, as if Facebook is just one of many voices in this venture. But as Schatz revealed, Facebook’s voice is more like the godfather’s voice in the family. It’s true that it’s just one voice among many, but, you know, it’s also the only voice that matters…Facebook’s partners are afraid of coming out publicly with reservations for fear of retaliation or fear of being left behind…The question is no longer whether we want Bill Lumbergh-types running our corporations. It’s whether they will start governing every facet of our society.”