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Buttigieg just another democrat corporate war criminal

April 17, 2019

After Gaza Slaughter, Buttigieg Praised Israeli Security Responses as ‘Moving’ and Faulted Democrats for Easy Judgment


“Afghanistan War veteran…Buttigieig…does not support doing away with private insurance.

Buttigieig has also been vocal in his support for Israel, praising its national security measures as a “model” for other countries and suggesting some Democrats are too quick to judge Israel based on media reports. He made the comments after a trip to Israel last year amid ongoing protests at the separation barrier in Gaza, which have resulted in at least 200 deaths and tens of thousands of injured.”



Rojava Revolution fails unless civilian death toll properly addressed

April 5, 2019

The Rojava Revolution is doomed to failure unless the atrocity of the massive civilian death toll in the Raqqa operation in 2017 at the hands of the u.s. military & the SDF as well as Daesh is properly addressed (& each & every last civilian so killed be honored by the YPJ/G, TEV-DEM, & PYD as the Şehîd – Martyrs in the Kurdish/Kurmanji language – that they are) instead of ignored by YPJ/G, TEV-DEM, & PYD

NY State Residents, tell Albany: Do NOT enact NY Health Act as it may PREVENT enacting single-payer!

April 3, 2019
NY State Residents, tell Albany: Do NOT enact NY Health Act as it may PREVENT enacting single-payer!
NY State residents! NY state legislature is being lobbied TODAY to enact legislation that would establish the New York Health program, incorrectly referred to as a single-payer health coverage plan.
It is actually not possible to enact single payer at the state level for reasons that are listed in part below, and a state-by-state approach to establish single-payer in the U.S. will not result in and may even prevent the absolutely necessary enactment of a federal National Improved #MedicareForAll (NIMA) program.
The state assembly passed this bill four years in a row and the bill failed to pass in the state senate in each of those years, but a majority of the newly-elected state senators are on record in support of the bill, which means that, starting in 2019, this bill has a better chance to become law than ever before, so we *all* have to act NOW to stop its enactment!
Contact your state assembly rep and state senator, even if you’re not registered to vote (and if you don’t know who your state assembly rep and state senator are you can find out at and for your state assembly rep at for your state senator) and tell them NOT to vote for the New York Health act. You can use the sample letter below as a template or as a reference if calling lawmakers but make sure, if writing to office holders, to include the web address link near the bottom of the letter if you’re including *any* of the parts of the letter that are in *quotes*:
I am contacting [your state assembly rep, state senator,] to strongly urge that s/he does NOT vote for legislation that would establish the New York Health program (which is incorrectly referred to as a single-payer health coverage plan) because, as explained below, it is actually not possible to enact single payer at the state level and that a state-by-state approach to establish single-payer in the U.S. will not result in and may even prevent the absolutely necessary enactment of a federal National Improved Medicare for All (NIMA).
Single-payer will only work at the federal level. Enacting “single-payer” at the state level creates the following problems:
“If a state were able to pass a [“single-payer”] bill outlining a path toward a universal healthcare system and to be granted a federal waiver from the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which are major feats, the state would still face significant barriers, some of which make it impossible to create a pure single payer program… A state would have to succeed in obtaining multiple waivers from the federal government and changes to federal laws to enact a state-based program. One federal law, the Employee Retirement and Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), which prohibits states from regulating employee benefits, is a major obstacle. States also face the hurdle of being required to balance their budgets, a barrier that doesn’t exist at the national level…
Barriers to state single payer:
1. Federal health plans…
2. Medicaid…
3. Employer Health Plans – [Specfically the protection of their benefits] under a federal law, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA)…
For many decades, states have introduced and passed laws aimed at achieving universal health care coverage. None has yet succeeded in being universal or sustainable,…It is not possible to achieve a pure single payer system at the state level and so states forego the significant savings of a single payer system…
Given that states are not able to achieve pure single payer systems, states take a risk when they label themselves single payer or Medicare for All. While it is understandable that these terms are popular and that most advocates for health reform support single payer, and so are inspired to work for it, it is misleading and could harm national efforts…
what would happen if a state succeeded in passing a health law? First, it would take a tremendous effort focused on influencing state, not national, legislators to pass it. Second, that level of state-based pressure would have to be maintained to implement the law. And third, a state campaign would be so focused on these efforts that it would have little time or resources to advocate for change at the national level. Their national fight would be aimed at applying for waivers and winning changes to the Medicare law and ERISA.
Imagine if a highly-populated progressive state such as California or New York were to drop out of the national effort for NIMA to focus on their state. This would be a huge loss. Dr. Woolhandler reminds us, ‘Living in New York or Massachusetts doesn’t lessen our sense of responsibility for millions in the Deep South and other ‘red state’ areas for whom national legislation is the only realistic option for health care progress.'”
Source for these quotes is It is for these and numerous other reasons that I am again strongly urging (your state assembly rep, state senator) to NOT vote for The New York Health Act. Thank you.
Your Name
Your Street Address
_________, NY Zip Code

O’Rourke Anti-Black Lives Matter, pro-Zionist, etc.

March 14, 2019
O’Rourke Voted for Anti-Black Lives Matter Legislation
“The tweet was part of a pattern of O’Rourke’s celebrations of Israel, including opposition to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, or BDS, a nonviolent campaign for equal rights for Palestinians.”
“O’Rourke has an outstanding record on Israel. As a member of Congress, he has consistently voted for foreign aid to Israel. He also supports joint US-Israel missile-defense systems.”

Beto O’Rourke frequently voted for Republican legislation, analysis reveals

It is wildly unclear whether Beto O’Rourke supports Medicare-for-all


Beto O’Rourke might have an oil money problem

Warmonger Warren

March 1, 2019

“DO NOT forget who she really is.  This article is over a year old but still very relevant.

“On September 18, Elizabeth Warren, the much beloved poster child of the “progressive” wing of the Democratic Party, voted for a bill that authorizes $700 billion in defense funds. This includes $640 billion for the Pentagon and an additional $60 billion for military operations in countries such as Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. This bill increased military spending by $80 billion, which far surpasses the increase requested by America First President Trump ($54 billion). There were 8 no votes (against 89 yes votes) and three abstentions, but Warren was not one of them.
The defense policy bill (National Defense Authorization Act or NDAA) has passed 56 years in a row, and this time the vote was nearly unanimous, with both Republicans and Democrats supporting S.1519 and the massive increase in military spending it sets forth. It may not be surprising that both capitalist parties would vote for pro-imperialist policies, but Warren’s yes vote definitely flies in the face of her image as “anti-establishment.”
Warren, member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and John McCain, chairman of the committee, are on the same side in ratifying a bill that takes more taxes from workers and funnels it into foreign wars, leading to more deaths of innocent people, sponsors Israel’s war against the Palestinians ($705 million), and invests additional hundreds of millions in anti-Russian military build-up in Ukraine and the Baltic ($600 million).
The senator attempts to minimize her incredibly reactionary decision by saying that the bill only authorizes but does not appropriate funds yet. She also claims that she will fight for non-defense spending increases later on when Congress votes on the entire budget. On her website, she boasts: “The defense bill has a long tradition of bipartisan cooperation and I was glad to join that tradition” and that “this NDAA will make a real, positive impact on the lives of Americans.”
Warren is certainly right to remind us that Republicans and Democrats are working together to put even more resources into building up the US military. Already, more than half of the discretionary budget goes to defense (and 17% of the entire budget), with only 6% going to medical care, transportation, and housing each, and a mere 2% going to education. Previously, the House of Representatives passed a version of the bill 344:81 with 117 Democrats backing H.R. 2810. That bill also includes $72 billion in excess of the $549 billion cap set by the Budget Control Act in 2011, which means that this limit will need to be increased.
The US already invests three times as much in defense as the second largest military spender, China, and ten times as much as Russia, the third biggest spender. With this recent NDAA, this gap between the world’s strongest imperial power and the rest will only grow. Elizabeth Warren’s support of US troops increases (to the Army, the Marine Corps, and the reserves), more expenditures in weapons manufacturing, and the “modernization”’ of the most advanced military apparatus in the world is an index of the lack of change that the Democratic Party is willing to make after its last defeat.
Elizabeth Warren proudly takes credit for helping to secure a number of amendments, including provisions for service members such as pay raises for the military, protection from debt collection, and easier access to student loans. What she does not mention is that several critical amendments were left out of the bill. With Warren’s tacit approval, an amendment that would block Trump’s ban on transgender servicepeople in the military and an amendment that would repeal the 2001 and 2002 war authorizations were not included.
The fact is that a large chunk of the money in the bill will go to Massachusetts. Given that the state employs more than 100,000 jobs in military related jobs, it is politically expedient for the senator to endorse funding for new construction, more research, and DOD operations in Massachusetts. However, if investing even more money in defense is Warren’s idea of how to make a “real, positive impact on the lives of Americans,” it is clear that her priorities are with the military industrial complex and its imperialist agenda, not with American workers.
Pledging to help the defense department “meet 21st century challenges,” Warren and her Democratic Party cronies do not flinch when they sign on to legislation that regularly outspends every precedent in plundering the pockets of the “hard-working Americans” whom they claim to represent. It does not seem to bother Warren one bit that this boost in defense funding is almost double the amount of money needed to make all public college and universities tuition free. Neither is she troubled by the blatant contradiction between her calls for cuts to the military budget and her actions when it comes to actual legislation in Congress. It seems, she knows very well that peddling empty rhetoric has worked for Democrats in the past, so why not for her.
This would have been a good time to take a stand against the decade-long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and against drone strikes throughout the world, to speak out against Trump’s show of aggression toward North Korea, and to advocate for the closing of American military bases abroad. Elizabeth Warren is not interested in that. It would have been a great time for progressive Democrats to make a case for the importance of reducing military spending in order to increase domestic spending. Except Elizabeth Warren is not all that interested.
Once again, Senator Warren, a “progressive” Democrat, demonstrates that she is no different from the establishment of both capitalist parties. She, like the rest of the Republicans and Democrats, supports exorbitant budgets that mean more imperialist wars, more deaths of innocent people, and the continued neglect of the basic needs of American workers at home.”

Tulsi Gabbard Is No “People’s Advocate,” Either

February 28, 2019

Troublesome Possibilities: The Left and Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard Is Not Your Friend

Tulsi Gabbard Claims Anti-War Credentials After Accepting Over $100,000 From Arms Dealers


Here’s why the Hawaii LGBT Caucus doesn’t support Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s reelection campaign




Tulsi Gabbard Speaks to Right-Wing Christians United for Israel Conference 2015
First, a statement. This author does not support any of the Republican nor Democrat candidates for the 2020 Presidential election. Criticism of Tulsi Gabbard is not an endorsement for any other candidate and should not be interpreted as such. This author is a voter that believes both of the major parties are firmly in the pocket of the Military Industrial Complex and therefore he only votes for third parties and independents.
With that stated, let’s talk about Tulsi.

The Good

Gabbard is a military veteran who was elected to the House of Representatives in 2012, to represent Hawaii’s 2nd district [1]. She has been a vocal opponent of the tactic of “regime change” and arming Syria’s so-called “rebels” since at least 2015, often citing the failures of the Iraq and Libyan wars to improve the lives of the people of those countries and warning about the expansion of jihadist terror organizations if Syria’s legitimate government is toppled [2]. Gabbard became a prominent name among the anti-war community sometime in late 2016 after her first unsuccessful bid for the White House (curiously, after supporting Bernie “The Birkenstock Bomber” Sanders, she stated she would vote for Hillary Clinton, who is about as hawkish as they come and is often credited as the architect for Obama’s worst foreign policies [3]).
In January of 2017, Gabbard traveled to Syria to meet with President Bashar al Assad, some of the Syrian people, and toured the city of Aleppo, which was liberated by the Syrian Arab Army in December 2016. She walked through the rubble of a Presbyterian church and met with Rev. Ibrahim Nseir, who explained how Christians were being persecuted and that his church was destroyed in 2012 by the jihadists. He also explained how the Syrian government was helping his congregation to build a new church [4]. Gabbard also met with a young woman from al-Zabadani who, for fear of reprisal from the rebels, identified herself simply as “Mumina.” Mumina detailed her family’s plight at the hands of the US-backed rebels, from the murder of her father for refusing to provide monetary and material support to the insurrectionists to their fleeing their home and being rescued by the Syrian Army and Syrian government who relocated them to Bloudan and provided them with a home, food, and money [5]. Upon her return to the States, Gabbard was widely criticized on Capitol Hill for meeting with Assad and claiming that the Syrian people support their President [6], and suffered a hit to her 2018 re-election campaign’s support base for not condemning Assad for alleged crimes his government is accused of committing [7].
From the above, one can clearly see why Gabbard has been embraced by the anti-war community, particularly by the #HandsOffSyria movement, but an actual examination of her voting record, policy positions, and statements reveals a completely different politician.

The Bad

Tulsi, in her own words: “when it comes to the war against terrorists, I’m a hawk” [8]. She has gone on the record many times voicing support for the US drone warfare program and for the use of special forces to execute the War on Terror being waged by the US against a shadowy enemy that seems to pop up where ever the US has strategic interests to pursue [9 & 10]. While Gabbard praises the drone attacks as having minimal civilian casualties, even the pro-military publication, Military Times, cites the AP claiming that civilians make up at least one-third of drone strike victims [11]. The Pentagon does not publish an official assessment for civilians slaughtered by drones, and probably for obvious reasons.
In 2016, Rep Barbara Lee (D) attempted to amend the FY 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to repeal the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), which is currently used as the legal authorization for the global War on Terror to combat ISIS, even though ISIS didn’t exist in 2001 and had no part in the New York 9/11 attack. Tulsi Gabbard voted against and helped defeat the proposed amendment [12].
Gabbard is consistently anti-Russia. In 2014 she made repeated calls for the US to supply lethal weapons to the newly installed NATO-backed regime in Kiev, Ukraine, warning in March and again in September of 2014 of the threat of “Russian aggression” and the imperative for the US to “support Ukraine’s peaceful aspirations and contribute to the stability of the region and safety of our allies” [13 & 14]. The current Kiev regime was installed by the United States in 2014 to replace a neutral democratically elected government with a rabidly anti-Russia government [15]. What has been revealed after the fact, is that NATO was in Maidan providing urban warfare training to “activists,” which should seem strikingly similar to other regime change operations conducted by the US and NATO around the world [16]. The Maidan revolution triggered the crises that led to the the breakaway of the Donbass and Crimea regions. Despite the war propaganda from Washington surrounding Crimea, the population voted overwhelmingly to join Russia in 2014 after facing the threat of ethnic cleansing at the hands of the new Ukrainian government [17]. In the Donbass region, the Luhansk Peoples Republic and the Donetsk Peoples Republic are still entrenched in the war against the Kiev regime that started in 2014 [18]. Any lethal and non-lethal weapons provided to the Kiev regime by the United States, will be used against the separatists in Donbass.
In addition to arming the NATO-installed Ukrainian government, Gabbard has been pushing #Russiagate conspiracies, claiming on her Twitter that “”One thing we do know about Russia’s ads is that they were part of an effort to create division, fighting, partisanship, conflict, and fear [19].” She has voted in favor of placing sanctions upon Russia, Iran and North Korea in 2017 [20]. She also voted to sanction Iran [21] and North Korea [22] in the same year with separate bills.
Most recently, in what seems like an abrupt about-face in regard to Syria, she was hosted on the television show “The View” and stated that “there’s no disputing that Bashar al Assad in Syria is a brutal dictator” and that “there is no disputing the fact that he has used chemical weapons and other weapons against his people [23].” Contradicting her statement, former Secretary of Defense James Mattis, in February 2018, asserted that there was no evidence of chemical weapons being used by the Syrian government [24]. Gabbard has also been courting the Kurdish separatists in Syria [25] and is calling for autonomous regions within “the areas now called Syria and Iraq” for various sects to have their own territories [26], which would fulfill the Israeli partition plan for Syria and Iraq called the Oded Yinon Plan (or the “Greater Israel Project”), published in 1982 by the World Zionist Organization [27].

The dissolution of Syria and Iraq into ethnically or religiously unique areas such as in Lebanon is Israel’s primary target on the Eastern front

The Ugly

Tulsi Gabbard is a card carrying member of the Rockefeller founded globalist think tank, Council on Foreign Relations [28], alongside such esteemed members as the former director Dick Cheney [29] and Bill Clinton. Between 2012 and 2016 Gabbard has taken in over $100,000 from the arms industry [30]. She also defends the use of torture as a tool for intelligence gathering in the global War on Terror [31].
Gabbard is an ardent supporter of the Zionists, co-sponsoring bills affirming the “special relationship” with Israel, denouncing BDS, and vowing to veto any resolutions against Israel made in the United Nations [32], and following up with an official statement to the same effect from her own website and calls for Israel and the Palestinians to negotiate a two-state solution with a democratic Jewish state alongside a “demilitarized democratic Palestinian state [33]” (as if Palestine has a military!).
In 2015 Gabbard appeared on Fox News to explain why she attended Netanyahu’s speech to Congress, to support “the only democracy in the Middle East” and expressing the urgency of preventing Iran from getting “the bomb [34].” In 2018 she voted in favor of a bill to instruct the President to appoint a special envoy with the rank of “Ambassador” to monitor and combat antisemitism [35].


Tulsi Gabbard is NOT anti-war, nor is she non-interventionist. Stating, or even being opposed to the tactic of “regime change” is not the same as actually being an anti-war or non-interventionist candidate, and it is time for the anti-war movement’s misguided love affair with Gabbard to end.
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Ocasio-Cortez a phony People’s advocate

February 21, 2019

The political role of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

“As significant as anything she has said is what Ocasio-Cortez has not said since her election. She has said virtually nothing about foreign policy or war. She has remained silent about the anti-Russia campaign, the Democrats’ subservience to the CIA, the unending militarist violence carried out by the Obama administration and nearly every other crime of US imperialism.

Ocasio-Cortez’s silence comes not from ignorance but from fundamental agreement. In the rare instances when she does broach the topic, it only reinforces this fact. This was demonstrated most clearly in her comments on the death of the arch-warmonger Senator John McCain when she tweeted: ‘John McCain’s legacy represents an unparalleled example of human decency.'”

Ocasio-Cortez won’t denounce the “u.s.”‘s attempted coup in Venezuela.

Bernie Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez Legitimize Regime Change in Venezuela

Regarding AOC’s “Green New Deal” resolution:”It is a resolution, not a bill, that provides a framework for the Democrat’s Green New Deal. It is remarkably vague. It does not even contain keywords such as ‘oil,’ ‘gas,’ ‘coal,’ ‘nuclear,’ or ‘fossil fuels…'”

“[Ocasio-Cortez’s] willingness to sit down with ‘both sides’ of the Israel-Palestine ‘conflict’ is a sidestep that tells the Democrats that she will not challenge the Zionist mandate to colonize the Palestinian people and their land. Her characterization of Obama’s legacy as ‘progress’ reassures corporate Democrats that she will not oppose the pursuit of deportations, drone strikes, military invasions, and bank bailouts so long as they are carried out by Democrats of the right hue. Ocasio-Cortez claims that Obama ‘tried’ to do more under his Presidency but was stymied by pesky Republicans. However, as BAR rightfully explained back in 2011, gridlock prevented the Obama-led marriage with the GOP from turning into a 4 trillion-dollar loss for Social Security and Medicare. What Obama ‘tried’ to do was shove a Satan’s sandwich of austerity down the throats of Black people and we should be happy that his efforts failed.”

Ocasio-Cortez supports Pelosi for house speaker: