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Grassroots Opposition to War Funding Reaches Boiling Point! National Call-In Days July 26-28

July 27, 2010

Grassroots Opposition to War Funding Reaches Boiling Point!
National Call-In Days
July 26-28

The House of Representatives will be voting again this week on the White House request for $33.5 billion of new funding for the war in Afghanistan.
Troops in AfghanistanUnited for Peace and Justice is joining together with Peace Action, CODEPINK, Friends Committee on National Legislation, Peace and Justice Resource Center, Campaign for Peace and Democracy, Historians Against the War, Just Foreign Policy, Progressive Democrats of America and US Labor Against the War in calling upon Congressional Representatives to vote against  the White House request for $33.5 billion in new  funds for the war in Afghanistan.
Congressional Switchboard: 1-888-493-5443 toll-free (We are counting calls)
Three weeks ago, 162 members of the House supported an Amendment calling for a time-table for withdrawal.   100 members of the House supported an amendment offered by Rep. Barbara Lee limiting the use of the funds for security and to actually begin the withdrawal of troops.
Now the House is being asked to approve funding without a time-table or any plan for withdrawal.  Nine years into the war, the Administration lacks clear goals, a coherent strategy or any “exit plan.” Meanwhile soldiers and civilians keep dying and so far $321 billion dollars have been being squandered in an irrational enterprise.  We need to insist that elected officials act responsibly by refusing to fund this war without end.
Most commonly asked question: “Why should I bother? They don’t listen anyway?” Members of Congress are listening. That’s why these amendments received so many votes. That’s the reason growing numbers are willing to speak out in opposition. The more “No” votes we achieve this week–the closer we come to bringing this tragic war to a close…
Call the Congressional Switchboard:1-888-493-5443 early this week and after you hang up please forward this message to your friends.
Members of Congress will be back in their districts during August. Many will be campaigning for re-election. This is a valuable time to partner with local domestic needs groups fighting against cut-backs.  Conduct vigils, send delegations or engage in direct action around a shared desire to fund our communities, not endless war. In the Fall Congress will be asked to approve another $160 billion war funding for FY2011. Let’s make them feel the heat NOW!

PO Box 607; Times Square Station; New York, NY 10108

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