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8.17.09, MON, 6-8PM: Bronx: Action: Demand Single-Payer Healthcare

August 15, 2009
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 14:54:30 -0400 
From: Todd Eaton <> 
Subject: 8/17 MON: Demand Single-Payer Healthcare

directions added 
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 13:33:43 -0400

<cllundgren {AT}>
Subject: Info for Single Payer Action 
in the Bronx on Monday <snip>
From: Peter LaVenia <mactyler42 {AT}>
Subject: Re: Cong. Crowley & Health Care protest

Looks like it's at the Metropolitan Oval from 6-8PM in Parkchester. 
It's gonna be a "one-on-one" thing so we'll have to get a bunch of 
people to make some noise. [#6 to E.177 St.-Parkchester then walk 
NE; map: <> -t. ]


Peter will be there, representing Single Payer Action, and will 
confront Crowley, as he has done in other places around the state, 
aksing him what his position is on HR676 and, if not supporting it, 
why not. We need as many of us out there as possible to support Peter 
and also show our support for single payer. 

Metropolitan Oval is a short walk from the E.177th St./Parkchester #6 
train station. When you exit the station, turn left and the street 
directly in front of you is Metropolitan Ave (Zaro's Bakery on the 
corner). Metropolitan Oval is about 4 blocks up ahead. You can't miss 

Please bring signs if you can. We'll try to have some available. 
My advice would be to kep this low key when arriving. There is a 
police kiosk at that entrance to the Oval and Crowley has already 
expressed concern about the protests at other town hall meetings. I 
would expect a fairly large police presence. 

This will be the first opportunity we've had in the Bronx to raise 
our voices for single payer. I hope we can make the most of it.

Carl Lundgren 

From: cllundgren {AT} 
Sent: 8/13/2009 5:46:00 PM  
Subject: Single payer action in Parkchester on Monday 

Hi everyone,
It looks like we'll have an opportunity to jump into the fire on 
single payer this Monday. I just received an email from GPNYS 
Co-chair Peter Lavenia who informed me that Cong. Joseph Crowley will 
be making an appearance in Parkchester on Monday. Peter will be 
coming here with Single Payer Action to stage a protest and he'd like 
to see us involved. I don't have any of the details yet but this 
looks like something with which we should take part. Peter has asked 
that we keep this under wraps. Please let me know if you can be 
there. I'll send more info as soon as I find out. If I know how many 
of you are planning on coming, I can arrange to have signs for all of 

The timimg is a little dicey in relation to Walt Nestler's 
petitioning drive but we just reached a very comfortable level today 
and this shouldn't interfere with our filing on Tuesday.

BTW, it looks like Bronx Greens will be an official sponsor of PHIMG. 
We've reached quorum for our vote and so far the tally is 9-1 in 
favor of sponsorship. 

Join the South Bronx Food Cooperative
Quality Food, Affordable Prices, Community Run
For more info, visit us at 
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