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YOU Can Make Congress Enact Single-Payer!

August 13, 2009

from The Pen (

We Have The Most Powerful Advocacy Resource Tool For Single Payer

Health Care If You Will Just Use It 

On health care, the only options Congress, and the corporate 
lobbyists who bought them off with 30 pieces of silver, are planning 
on giving us are for NO reform at all, or for us to be FORCED to 
enroll in the existing bad system with no real savings. Any and ALL 
talk about a so-called "public option" other than TRUE single payer, 
is a great, big, honking scam, semantically designed to provide a 
distraction to the debate, a toothless and ineffectual alternative, 
assuming they don't ultimately kill it off altogether. 

OK, so that's THEIR plan. And there is only one power on earth that 
CAN stop it . . . YOU. 

Yes, you and the collective power of your voices speaking out can 
make a real difference now while Congress is in recess, SUPPOSEDLY 
and presumptively listening to what their constituents have to say. 
And all we are asking you to do this entire month to save your own 
life is to make ONE phone call this month, and log notes of the 
results of your conversation on this special resource page. 

HR 676 People's Phone Lobby: 

Go to the page above and it will look up your members of Congress by 
your address. Then all you have to do is select your member of 
Congress, and then click on the "Call them on these numbers" link to 
instantly access all their local district office numbers, so you can 
call them where they live right in your own area. 

Call their office and ask to speak to someone who can DISCUSS their 
position on single payer health care, and HR 676 specifically. If 
they refuse to do so or say there is no such person who can engage in 
such a discussion, enter that in the "Notes of my call" section on 
the page above. 

Then ask them their position, and if they don't agree with us, that 
ONLY single payer offers any hope of real change, DEBATE with them 
right on the phone. And to make it so easy for you to be the most 
informed constituent to ever pick up a phone to call a member of 
Congress, there is a link "Easy Policy Points" right there above the 
notes box the opens up a window with all the most essential policy 
arguments we want to make, together with links to back up information 
resources for your own interest. 

Now ... enter notes of what transpired during the call, and if you do 
it, and all your fellow constituents do it, we will quickly build up 
a very public record of just which members of Congress are listening 
to us, and which are not, on one of the most critical generational 
issues before us, how to fix the huge health care system mess. 

If you will just do that, make ONE phone call this month using the 
People's Phone Lobby page below, we will be well on our way to a true 
single payer system, or else we will eat one of the new "Single Payer 
Health Care" caps! 

It's a simple two step plan, 1) MAKE them disclose their position, 2) 
then advocate for ours. It's what lobbyists do day in and day out and 
all night too, to pressure members of Congress. And it's time that we 
the people, with our vastly larger numbers, started doing exacting 
the same thing 

HR 676 People's Phone Lobby: 

OK, so what if you are too busy to make a call during the day during 
normal weekday business hours? No problem!! Make the call any other 
time you can. If your member of Congress is too lazy to even bother 
to clear their answering machine, THAT is what you should enter as 
your notes on the page above. 

The simple point is that many members of Congress think they can get 
away with hiding out on the health care issue. Many of them are 
refusing to hold town hall meetings this month for fear that single 
payer advocates will show up and speak out, thus causing them public 
embarrassment for their corruption. We are just beginning to 
embarrass those who have been paid off to betray the people's 
interest. And this new PUBLIC interface is designed to do just that. 

Of course, to protect your privacy your own name appear only as 
initials in the People's Phone Lobby Blog, but people will get the 
point about how many of us are calling, and what responses we are 

HR 676 People's Phone Lobby: 

OK, so what if your current member of Congress is drop kick blue dog [more diversionary terminology; most, if not all, legislators are "blue dogs" and worse] 
or worse. That is all the MORE reason to make your phone calls and 
make a record of just how much they DON'T represent the constituents 
in your own district. How many times have we heard from you saying 
that so and so member of Congress will never listen. Isn't it about 
time we demonstrate for the whole country to see just how 
UNREPRESENTATIVE they are on the single payer issue? 

So please, go to the page above and make your ONE phone call this 
month, and lets have thousands of log entries that anyone can read, 
to show who is representing we the people, and who is actually 
representing only them the special corporate interests, to the real 
and mortal detriment of the rest of us all. 

And yes, we just got in the new "Single Payer Health Care" caps, and 
we are going to be shipping them out just as fast as we can. So if 
you had already requested yours it will arrive soon. And if you have 
not yet requested one, there can be no better thing to wear to 
demonstrate that you are a single payer health care advocate, and you 
can do so, or get any of our other progressive policy gifts at this 

Single Payer Health Care Cap: 

And yes, you can also respond to this action through the new Twitter 
gateway. Just send the following Twitter reply, and add any personal 
comment you like. 

@cxs #p998 

And if you want a step by step explanation of how to set up the 
Twitter thing here is the link for that. 

Twitter Activism Step-By-Step: 

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed 
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible. 

If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at 

Or if you want to cease receiving our messages, just use the function 
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