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Single Payer Advocates to Congress: Defeat Obamacare

August 7, 2009

July 30, 2009

Single Payer Advocates to Congress: Defeat Obamacare

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Single Payer Advocates were at the National Press Club this morning.

And they unanimously urged Congress to defeat Obamacare.

Even if it contains a provision by Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) that would give individual states the legal authority to pass single payer.

Dr. David Scheiner — Obama’s personal physician for 22 years — said that he opposed Obama’s plan because it’s “a bad program that will set health reform back.”

“It will give people a sense that something has been done — and it hasn’t been done,” Scheiner said. “It will make things more complicated than ever.”

“It’s a bad bill,” Scheiner said. “No bill is better than this bill. We have to work out something better. They have to reconsider.”

“We have to oppose this,” said Public Citizen’s Dr. Sidney Wolfe. “It’s false promises. It’s incumbent upon us to oppose something that cannot work.”

Jim Ferlo, a state Senator from Pittsburgh said he would “rather wait to get a single payer plan than any half baked Obama plan.”

Obamacare is “just not going to work.”

“It’s not sustainable,” Ferlo said. “Any time you see Harry and Louise in paid commercials in the millions financed by big Pharma — now backing the Obama plan, and spending millions of dollars in daily commercials in favor of Obama’s plan — I say hold onto to your wallets. Something’s wrong.”

Dr. Margaret Flowers of Physicians for a National Health Program said the Obama legislation “will not address the fundamental problems we are facing. It will not control costs.”

“Only single payer controls costs,” Flowers said. “It’s the only system that allows us to simplify our administration. From a practical feasibility standpoint, the current legislation is not going to hold up.”

Katie Robbins of Healthcare Now said “this bill falls so short, even with the Kucinich amendment — we will not support it.”

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  1. bobbygee permalink
    August 7, 2009 20:04

    The state run media hasn’t reported the real truth . They haven’t the bill. I have. This is scary. We give up all our freedoms. The Government will th freedom take money from. They can access our accounts anytime they want. Fascism. Guess what- The government will have to partake in the public health care. If is so bad here have Obama and his buds go to Cuba and get great health care.

    • justicenotchange permalink*
      August 11, 2009 14:54

      Fascism is the oppressive collaboration between the state and the corporate sector. the u.s. goes even beyond that, however, because in the u.s. the corporate sector controls the gov’t through massive campaign donations to politicians, and the corporate sector actually writes much, if not most, of the legislation enacted at every level of gov’t in the u.s., legislation that only, if not mostly, benefits corporations at the expense of the people, so fascism ALREADY exists in the u.s., ESPECIALLY IN THE HEALTH INSURANCE RACKET.

      P-R-e-z (P-R as in Public Relations) Obama, that public relations genius, has been fronting that his health care “reform” proposals are an improvement on the current system, when in fact they are a mere continuation of the current system by preserving, if not strengthening, the present health insurance racket.

      Obama has been so effective at this hustle that a false opposition (Limbaugh et al) has formed (if it was not itself created by the Obama administration) to “oppose” Obamacare by laughingly fantasizing it as “socialism” when it is no less than a continuation of the same corporate fascism that already exists. Obama AND the psuedo-opposition are conspiring to prevent Single-Payer (which is the ONLY solution to the health care debacle, a REMEDY to the current corporate fascism, and the system most favored by a majority of people in the u.s.) from being enacted.

      The Cuban health care system, by contrast, is in many, if not most ways, superior to the u.s. system, certainly in its exceptional quality of health care, its greater acceptance of natural and other innovative modalities/treatments and in the fact that health care in Cuba is easily accessible to ALL Cubans, while in the u.s. health care of any genuine quality is only available to the wealthy elitists. Obama, a wealthy elitist, will never even need to go to Cuba for health care because he can afford and access all the high-quality health care he’ll ever need right in the u.s., and would continue to do so under a Single-Payer system (& so would everyone else, but ONLY under Single-Payer). People from around the planet, however, do travel to Cuba to receive the high-quality, accessible, and relatively affordable (they might not necessarily receive it for free like Cuban citizens do) health care not available where they live.

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